Welcome to the network to grow your business. Business Lynk is a platform to connect with other organizations as a one stop shop to sell or purchase services/products. Browse through the listing page to see what customers need to operate their business. Become a member and connect with these customers directly by providing your sales quote. In addition create a profile on our directory page to market and showcase your business. Then become a customer to fulfill your business needs by postings on our listing page and receive quotations from vendors. Compare quotations to see what works best for your business. Once selected, exchange contact info with the vendor and close a deal. Use Business Lynk as your primary method for B2B sales. Business Lynk can be utilized to target industry specific providers to help grow your business. Connections to a vast array of businesses, provide quotations for customer needs, conduct cold calling and gain insight into demographics. Business Lynk is ideal for both new and established businesses to seek suppliers, to reassess business operations and to find new customer leads. Business Lynk is here to make connections and provide an easier path to expand your business.

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